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March 11th, 2011

A staggering 11,000 houses are to be legalised in one fell swoop. The plan, which has been announced by the Junta, will give the thumbs-up for the vast majority of illegally-built homes around the Axarquia. While described by environmentalists as ‘giving a free reign to build on rustic land’, it comes as a major boost for homeowners, hundreds of them expats.

Announced at a meeting of the region’s mayors, the Junta’s head of public works, Josefina Cruz, revealed that only 1,500 of the 12,760 homes investigated are now facing demolition. At the meeting on Friday, Cruz explained that the decree was being made out of a necessity to calm the situation down. “This is not an amnesty, but recognition of a reality, and responding to it, but with conditions,” explained Cruz. “What we are doing is recognising the existence of 11,025 homes which can start a process of legalisation.”

However, of the remaining 1,735 properties, 976 are less than four years old, while 859 are deemed to have been illegally built on ‘specially-protected land’ and cannot be made legal. The amnesty also excludes the two areas of Alcaucin and La Vinuela, where thousands more illegal homes have been built and the mayors are facing corruption charges. These will be dealt with separately.

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