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November 6th, 2009

The government of Andalucia, or Junta, announced yesterday a subsidy of 1 billion Euros to help liquidate the region’s property glut estimated at around 70,000 newly-built homes.

Like the ‘cash-for-clunkers’ programme used to subsidise car sales, public money will now be showered on house-hunters in Andalucia. But second home buyers can stay in their seats as the scheme only applies to local residents buying main homes. Even so, it could benefit foreigners living in Andalucia, and help lift the market out of its slump, which might lift prices for all types of property.

How it works
The way it works is developers participating in the scheme have to offer their property for sale at mortgage cost, wiping out their margins and giving a discount of 20%. Participating banks, for their part, will loan 100% interest only for the first 3 years. Starting in the fourth year the Junta will offer loans to subsidise mortgage payments for up to 5 years and a maximum of 15,000 Euros. As a result, buyers will save as much as 40% over 8 years, according to calculations by the Junta.

More conditions: The offer stands until the end of 2010, the properties must be newly- built, and the mortgage no greater than 245,000 Euros, the price limit for social housing. Mortgages must be 100% LTV, up to 30 years, charging an interest rate of Euribor +1%

Read the fine print, though, and the Junta isn’t being so generous. In year 9 mortgage lenders have to reimburse the subsidy to the Junta and add it onto the outstanding mortgage, so the borrower pays in the end. Nevertheless, thanks to inflation, buyers will probably have to pay back less, in real terms, than they borrow. Many people expect inflation to take off in the next few years.

You could argue that it is morally questionable for the government to be spending 1 billion Euros subsidising home buyers when there are so many other more needy causes. And isn’t this is just a wheeze to get buyers to pay inflated prices for homes today whilst transferring the burden of payment onto tax payers in the future? Wouldn’t it be cheaper, and cause less economic distortion, just to drop prices today to a level that people can afford without crucifying themselves on a 30 year mortgage subsidised by the government?

Story by: Mark Stucklin

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September 14th, 2009

Op slechts twee vlieguren van Amsterdam ligt het plaatsje Huéscar, in het noordoosten van Andalusië. En daar kun je, midden tussen de authentieke bevolking van Spanje, de zigeuners, in een grotwoning overnachten.

Na het ‘witte’ kustplaatsje Nerja en het stadje Baeza, draaien we voorbij duizenden olijfbomen om een rots heen en ontvouwt er zich een prachtig panorama. Met uitzicht op de op twee na hoogste berg van Spanje, La Sagra (2350 m), kleurt de langzaam ondergaande zon het landschap van lichtroze tot grijswit en van groen tot okergeel. Via een oprit waar menig vorst zijn vingers bij aflikt, rijden we de vallei in en naderen het lieflijk ogende dorpje Huéscar met in het midden één enkele kerktoren.

Lees verder in de Reiskrant van de Telegraaf.

Of bekijk onze koophuizen in de buurt van Huéscar.

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April 14th, 2009

Nederlanders die dromen van een vakantiehuis aan een van de Spaanse costa’s, kunnen nu hun slag slaan.

Door de wereldwijde economische crisis en het in elkaar storten van de huizenmarkt in Spanje, liggen de koopjes voor het oprapen. Spaanse banken lenen geen geld meer uit, maar dumpen (vakantie)huizen van mensen die hun hypotheek niet meer kunnen betalen. Volgens onroerendgoedadviseur Michel Geutjes van LandCapital moet je wel over cash geld beschikken om voor een prikkie een huis onder de Spaanse zon te kunnen kopen. Geutjes: “Spaanse banken willen juist nu geld en zekerheid. Kun je dat bieden, dan word je met open armen ontvangen.”

Lees verder: De Telegraaf

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November 3rd, 2008

A fantastic spanish property and holiday complex is going to be given away in a raffle. This is the raffle of the year! With the property market in it’s current state this has to be the answer to get on the property ladder, and what a property to do it with!


The media has covered a number of raffles over the past few months in which a house or property is given away to one lucky winning ticket holder. None of these can compete however with the latest property draw ‘San Blas’ unveiled this week. The raffle will see San Blas, a magnificently restored old Spanish cortijo set in the beautiful Andalucían countryside, and worth around a cool 1.5 Million be handed over to the prize winner holding the lucky ticket costing a mere 25 Euros. More unusual about this raffle is the fact that the lucky ticket holder will not only win a stunning 4 bedroom house but a complete self catering holiday complex too. The San Blas raffle is truly unrivalled by any other property draw and offers the winner a truly life changing prize.

Buy your ticket at

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