Beating The Poor Exchange Rate

April 18th, 2010

According to Contithe overseas mortgage specialis, an increasing number of British investors buying second homes in Europe are taking out euro-denominated mortgages in order to beat the poor exchange rate. This not only allows them to take advantage of cheap interest rates, but could potentially save them significant sums of money if, as experts predict, sterling appreciates against the euro over the next few years, as this will reduce the sterling cost of the property purchase.

Clare Nessling, Conti’s Operations Director, says: “A euro mortgage could be a good idea, even if you thought you didn’t need one. As you’ll only need to transfer money for your deposit and fees for now, it minimises the amount of sterling you have to exchange for the property purchase. Even if you’re lucky enough to be a cash buyer, it may be worth taking out a mortgage until the exchange rate improves, at which point you can pay it back, and ultimately reduce the price you pay for the property.”

There are a number of other benefits associated with euro mortgages. If, for example, an investor is going to rent out their property, having a euro mortgage means that their rental income and mortgage repayments are in the same currency, and they can therefore avoid exchange rate fluctuations.

A euro mortgage also allows them to benefit from European interest rates, which are often lower than sterling rates. Even a small difference could potentially save them a lot over the lifetime of the mortgage. The fees on some euro loans can also be substantially lower than on some sterling mortgages.

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