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Internet access and fixed telephony with AVI

Finally you can have broadband internet access, where-ever you live in Andalucia. In the city, in one of those white villages, or in a remote spot out in the country: fast internet and fixed telephony are now available to everybody. With AVI you'll have a fast internet connection, allowing you to download videos, play online games, call your friends using Skype, or call anywhere in the world at normal call rates. And of course the world can call you on your own fixed phone. And you can surf the internet and make regular phone calls at the same time, just as with normal ADSL.


With Avitel you can make phone calls to any destination: fixed phones or mobile phones in Spain or anywhere else in the world, and service numbers. And the call rates are lower than the ones you're used to from the incumbent Telefónica. You can have up to four separate phone lines, each with their own number. And if you already have a phone line, you can keep your old number. Furthermore, Avitel offers all kinds of additional services, such as calling line identification (CLIP), apply for an unlisted phone number, or choose your own new phone number(s) from a list of available numbers.


Avired provides synchronous internet connections that, unlike ADSL, use the same speeds for uploading and downloading data. You can choose from a range of available bandwidths, from 256 Kbps up to 4 Mbps. And just like ADSL the Avired connections are always on too, meaning that you don't have to dial in to a server or make connections manually. If you want to, you can get a fixed ip address for a small extra monthly fee. Included in the price are the Avitel-modem, email accounts and web hosting space. The modem has a standard RJ45 connector, allowing you to connect your own network equipment, such as a router, a wireless WiFi access point, or simply your own computer of course.


Avired and Avitel are based on a wireless broadband system called Wimax, short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Wimax converts your telephony and data signals to radio waves, that can be transmitted over long distances from the base station. By using strategically placed base station transmitters and small directional antennas, Wimax can bridge distance of more than 30 kilometres. The installation of the end-user antenna is very simple and takes less than two hours.

More information

For more information you can download the brochure. If you want to apply for Avired or Avitel, you can download the application form, fill it in and send it back to us, either by email or by fax on +34 902 887 297.

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