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Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor, private or communal swimming pool, it is a source of fun, relaxation and exercise, therefore it needs to be kept in perfect condition all year round. This means not only the maintenance of the mechanical equipment, but also ensuring the water is kept in sparkling condition.

Due to the hot weather here in Spain, a pool that is not regularly maintained and chemically treated can quickly lead to the growth of bacteria, causing infections - especially in children. Any owner renting their property should be aware that cutting corners and avoiding paying for this essential service can result in claims being made against them.

We can keep your pool looking its best all year round. Our services are designed to allow you to spend more of your valuable time relaxing and less of it worrying about the condition of your pool. If you are thinking of letting or are away from your villa for long periods, it will give you piece of mind that your pool is maintained to a high standard. And if you have your permanent residence here, it will allow you to spend more time in your pool, instead of around it.

The pool contract consists of twice weekly pool cleaning during May to September, and weekly visit during the October to April. Chemical levels will be closely monitored, the pool will be cleared of all floating debris, and the water will be left crystal clear for enjoyable and safe swimming.

  • Completely backwash filter,
  • Check return flow of water to the pool,
  • Test water for chlorine and pH,
  • Add chemicals to adjust levels as needed,
  • Vacuum pool floor and walls,
  • Surface skim to remove leaves and insects,
  • Empty skimmer baskets,
  • Check pool ladder and board/slide fittings are secure.

Our pool maintenance team will usually be in and out within an hour, causing the minimum inconvenience to either yourselves or your guests. A yearly pool cleaning contract can cover all of the above and more, for an average cost of 85 euros per month. All pools are individually priced on a yearly basis and include all chemicals.

When your pool is clean, it not only looks good but it is also healthy for you, the family and your friends. Let us take care of your pool and you just sit back and enjoy it. Call today for the clearest pool around: 902 887 097.

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