Spanish House Price Index – April 2010

May 12th, 2010

The Spanish house price index figures for April 2010 have just been released. See the graph and the table below for an up to date overview of the real estate market trend in Spain.

Spanish House Price Index - April 2010

Spanish property prices are still falling, but by less with every passing month. Average Spanish property prices fell by 4.6% over 12 months to the end of April, show the latest figures. On a monthly basis, prices even rose a fraction. The rate of decline has been slowing since June 2009, when it peaked at -10.1%. At this rate, average property prices will be stable, or even growing slightly within about 6 months.

The graph and table data represent the year-on-year evolution of Spanish property values. For example, if the value for August 2009 would be -3.9, then this means that average property prices in August 2009 are 3.9% lower than they were a year earlier, in August 2008.

The graph and table on this page contain up to date information for the past 13 months. For more information, please look at earlier monthly reports, or the historical overview since January 2001.

The graph and table data are based on actual property valuations, as established by one of Spain’s larget independent property valuation companies, Tinsa S.A. They are not based on asking prices or (under)declared selling prices, nor on the statistics as provided by the Spanish Ministry of Housing, and are therefore considered to be the most acurate and reliable source for this kind of information.

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