Al Andalus classic train tour

Al Andalus Expreso is a luxury train tour, in the manner of the Orient Express, which takes you back to the glamour of the Belle Epoque. To traverse Andalusia on board this train is a special experience, a romantic journey marked with the stamp of elegance and distinction.

The Al Andalus Expreso is composed of a total of fourteen carriages: a kitchen coach, two dining coaches, a bar coach, a lounge and games coach, seven sleeping coaches, a coach for personnel, and a generator wagon. The train has been carefully restored maintaining its original décor and adding all the comfort of the most modern trains. All coaches are equipped with airconditioning and heating.

You spend all but one night right on board the train, sleeping in comfort. The Al Andalus consists of a total of 37 double Club compartments over its seven sleeping coaches, five of which were built in France in 1929. You will feel like a king as you travel in the same car designed and crafted for the British monarchy for its journeys on summer vacations to the Cote d'Azur. Its décor has been further embellished and enhanced with the train’s most recent improvements.

The compartments are comprised of two single beds, or if you prefer, you may choose one of five double-bedded compartments, all with private shower, toilet and wash basin for your personal comfort. During the day, your compartment will take on a different aspect, given that the beds fold away to become comfortable lounges leaving a space in the middle for a table and chair, thereby creating an ideal environment for reading or for just enjoying the passing countryside. The compartment also has a space to store your luggage, a wardrobe and drawers for your clothes, not to mention your own private safe deposit box. All compartments have airconditioning as well as heating with individual temperature control.

Over six days the train visits seven different southern cities of Spain: Granada, Bobadilla, Ronda, Jerez de la Frontera, Baeza, Seville and Cordoba. Train Package includes guides, entrance fees, all meals and snacks.

You can sign up for either the Madrid or Seville packages but you need to book early, there are a limited number of departure dates for the train tour and there are only seven sleeping coaches with a maximum capacity of 74 passengers in the 37 Club compartments.

By now you are probably wondering what it costs. Well, it isn't cheap, we are talking about a luxury tour, in a classic rail carriage. A package for two, with double occupancy, will costs a little over 6,000 euros.

Travel Dates In general; departures dates for the Al Andalus are once a week in 'high season' April, May, June and September but with just 2 departure dates in November and December. There may be no departures after July 3 until the end of August.

Contact & Booking Information For exact prices, travel dates and booking, contact Al Andalus Expreso, Capitán Haya 55, 28020 Madrid, from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 19.30 and Saturdays 9.30 to 13.30. Tel: +34 91 570 16 21, fax: +34 91 571 74 82.