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Property for sale in Andalusia, Andalucia, Spain
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Investment property in Spain

100% profit within 24 months, zero capital gains liability. An investment opportunity in the fastest growing property market in Europe.

Buying 'off plan' property in Spain can benefit you in three ways. First, it is entirely possible to achieve returns in excess of 100% of your initial investment within 24 months. Second, your profit can legally be free of capital gains tax. Third, holding on to the property for a longer term means you can benefit from the fastest growing property market in Europe (and have a great holiday destination while your investment is appreciating).

Spanish investment property

The developer of a building project is always keen to sell as many properties as early as possible to improve cash flow, minimize development loans from banks and give the project some forward momentum. In order to sell before construction has started, the developer sells 'off plan' at extremely competitive prices because investors only have plans, computer simulations and a plot to view at this stage.

Apart from the fact that the developer will be selling at less than current market value to attract investors, the real key when buying 'off plan' is that you usually only have to pay 35% of the purchase price as a deposit. Thereafter, no further payments are required until the project is completed, at which point it can be financed with a 65% mortgage or sold.

Buying off plan property in Spain

As an example, lets say that the current purchase price for an apartment is €100,000 and that the project is scheduled for completion in 24 months. Initially you'll pay a 35% deposit of €35,000. The project proceeds according to schedule and you sell the 'almost' completed apartment for €135,000. You pay the developer the balance owed of €65,000 and pocket €70,000 - a 100% return on your initial investment of €35,000 in 24 months. And because you sold before the project was completed, you have zero liability for capital gains tax.

This is a conservative estimate of the potential gains available. With property prices increasing annually at a steady 25% in Spain, imagine the possibilities if you also 'buy low' in such a market. Additionally, many purchasers finance the 35% deposit by remortgaging their UK property and so are able to achieve higher than average capital returns, with zero tax liability, and no cash liquidity.

Investment property in Spain

We deal with numerous new developments along the coast and in inland Andalucia. We act as sales agents for a number of respected and high profile developers and offer professional, friendly advice on all aspects of buying 'off plan'. Please select any of the 'off plan' developments featured here, email us for more information or call us at one of the phone numbers below. We specialise in promoting the best off plan investment opportunities to help you maximise the return on your investment. Contact us for further information.

Zweizimmerappartements mit Fahrstuhl in kleinem Projekt in Riogordo


120.250 €
Off plan

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3- und 4-Zimmerappartements mit Fahrstuhl in kleinem Projekt in Riogordo


138.250 €
Off plan

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Vier neu zu bauen, freistehendende Dorfwohnungen mit Garten in Colmenar


215.950 €
Off plan

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Montes de Malaga
Real Estate S.L.

Property for sale in Andalusia, Andalucia, Spain

El Antiguo Mercado
Calle Virgen de la Candelaria
29170 Colmenar


Calle Duquesa de
Parcent 10-2D
29001 Málaga

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Wir sprechen Deutsch, Englisch, Niederländisch, Spanisch und Französisch.

Montes de Malaga Real Estate S.L. hat Dorfhäuser, Fincas und Cortijos, Villen, Bed & Breakfast Wirtschaften, ländliche Hotels, Restaurants und andere spanische Immobilien zu verkaufen in Antequera, Almogia, Casabermeja, Colmenar, Comares, Riogordo, Villanueva de la Concepcion, Villanueva del Rosario, Villanueva del Trabuco und überall sonst in der ländlichen Axarquia, der Provinz Malaga, an der Costa del Sol und im landesinneren von Andalusien, Spanien.

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