Route of La Fuente Gorda (Comares)

Distance: 10 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy
Transport: On foot/By mountain bike/On horseback

This route consists of two sections. The first section is a circular one at the fringe of the village, passing some 30 possibilities for practicing another outdoor sport: mountaineering.

Start and finish of the first section is the Puerta del Agua, Comares' own Watergate. Along the way you will encounter several interesting spots, like the Fuente Gorda, the Fuente Delgada and the Cueva Refugio, the "fat spring", the "thin spring" and the "refuge cave", respectively.

The other section runs from the main square down to the Cerro de Maxullar, where you will find an Arab cistern and the remains of an old Mozarabic village. Enjoy the panoramic view of the region.