Route of Castillejo (Alfarnate)

Distance: 15 kilometres
Difficulty: Easy to Medium. Will take about 3 hours to complete
Transport: On foot

This route starts just outside of Alfarnate, on the road to Loja. Turning right, you'll pass the old Roman bridge Puente de Los Dos Ojos over the river Morales.

After that you will get to a crossroad, where you'll walk up the slope until you arrive at a spring called known as Pilas de Cereal. Further on you will reach the foot of Tajo de las Palomas and another crossroad, where you turn left to a place called Prado de Herrera.

There you turn right and after about 200 metres you'll start ascending to the left up to Loma de Aire. Keep on walking until you reach the farmstead Cortijo del Castillejo, at yet another crossroad.

Turn left here and walk a few metres until the road meets another one where you to turn to the right. After a few yards, take the dirt track to farmstead Cortijo de Gastarrejas. Turn right again and take the road along the foot of the Sierra de En Medio back to Alfarnate.