Route of Los Arrieros (Periana)

Distance: 14 kilometres
Difficulty: Medium
Transport: On foot/On horseback

Starting from Periana, take a turn at the first crossroad, in the direction of Vélez-Málaga. From here, an asphalt road will take you to the old cog-railway station. Follow the track to the left and, after 300 metres, the first one to the right.

Keep on walking for about 3 kilometres among the olive trees and hamlets, until you reach the track of the Río Seco, that will lead you to the hamlet of El Cañuelo.

About 2 kilometres away from here, down by the foot of the mountain, turn left, following the railway track once again. Then, after 1.5 kilometres, take the road Camino de Marchamona to Guaro, from where you'll follow the river bearing the same name to a place called La Negra.

Turn to the right here to get to the spas of Los Baños de Vilo, where you take the B-road back to Periana.