Pork, or cerdo, is divided in fewer cuts than beef, but the pricing is similar. Solomillo, pork fillet, and lomo, boned loin, are extra. Bone-in-loin chops, chuletas, and cuts from the leg or ham, pierna or jamón, are primera. Here the babilla and tapa are especially good cuts for pork roasts. Segunda is from the shoulder section, the paletilla or brazuelo. Tercera includes the spare-ribs, costillas and hocks, manos.

Some typical Spanish dishes call for the ear, oreja, tail, rabo, and everything but the sqeal. Because pork is fattier than beef, it is virtually self-basting and almost any cut can be successfully roasted or grilled. Choose meat which is pink. The redder the pork, the stronger it's flavour. Suckling pig, cochinillo or cerdo lechal, is found in many meat markets and supermarkets around Christmas.