Eating out

The Andalucian cuisine is plain and unpretentious, yet the subtle use of spices, the quality of ingredients and the sometimes surprising combinations make it one to savour. There are so many places in the Montes de Málaga that serve great meals at even better prices. But in Spain, eating out is quite a different affair from back home.

For one thing, at the times you are probably used to have your meals, most restaurants in southern Spain will not be open yet. Lunch is served somewhere between two and four in the afternoon, while most restaurants will not re-open before nine or even ten in the evening. Especially dinner times can be challenging to the foreign stomach, but there is an excellent solution. Just do as the Spaniards and have an aperitivo with lots of tapas.


Mesón Casona Los Moriscos

Ant. Ctra. Colmenar - Granada km 529
29170 Colmenar (Málaga)
Tel: 952 73 05 22
or 670 62 93 15

La Taberna de Flores
Calle Iglesia 11
29170 Colmenar
Tel: 952 73 00 34




Partido del Rio el Terral,
Fuente la Camacha
29180 Riogordo
Tel. 696 183 309