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Sedella is one of the 31 towns and villages that make up the Ruta Mudéjar, in the Axarquía. It is a typical Moorish town, filled with examples of Mudejar architecture, with narrow and winding streets that carry the stamp of the Moorish village. Its altitude provides wonderful views over the beautiful countryside around the village, and from here one can see the Sierra Tejeda Mountains, the Mountains of Bentomiz and on clear days, the Atlas Mountains across the Mediaterranean.

The history of Sedella goes back to pre-historic times, and although no big archaeological finds have been made, there is sufficient evidence to show that people have lived here from time immemorial. Among the objects found in the area are flint axes and other hunting tools. Romans and Carthaginians settled here too, as we can see from coins and ceramic pieces discovered in the area.

As for the origin of the town’s name, it comes from the Latin sedilia, which means emplacement or rural possession. There have been other names: the oldest documentary evidence we have is Villa del Castillo, and variations on the Roman name include Sedille, dating from the 7th century. This name appears on a map of the diocese ordered to be made by the Visigoth king Wamba. Later, the Malaga bishop Teodulpo refers to the town in an Episcopal address as Sedilla. And following the Christian conquest in 1487, the place was called Xedalia. But the final word on the town’s name comes from Queen Isabel herself, during the re-conquest. There was, apparently, a fierce battle between Moors and Christians in the area known as the Arroyo de la Matanza. When informed of the battle, the queen replied: "Sé de ella", I know about it.

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Montes de Malaga

Bedrooms: 3
Built: 150 m²
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Bedrooms: 4
Built: 150 m²
Land: 0 m²
Price: 115,000 €
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Bedrooms: 13
Built: 1500 m²
Land: 28000 m²
Price: 780,000 €
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