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Montes de Málaga Immobilien - Kultur
Montes de Malaga
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Immobilien, ländliche Häuser zu verkaufen in Antequera, Villanueva del Trabuco, Concepcion, Casabermeja, Colmenar, Comares, Riogordo, Malaga, Andalusien, Spanien. Villen zu verkaufen in Malaga, Spanien, Immobilien, Wohnungen, Malaga, Andalusien, Spanien
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Alora sits right in the heart of the Guadalhorce Valley, its urban centre and old Moorish castle perched on top of a hill making for one of the most spectacular entrances to any town in Andalucía. The area itself is known as the Valle del Sol, due to the sunny weather it enjoys for most of the year. The best-known nature parks in the area are El Chorro and the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (the Gorge of the Bagpipers). The famous Caminito del Rey, a narrow and dangerous pathway that was built across the massive rock formation here.

The historians tell us that the name is Latin in origin, and there is a stone in the parish church with the inscription "municipium iluritanun", dated 79 B.C. We can thus deduce that this is the municipality of lluro, from where the present name most certainly derives. Alora has been populated since pre-historic times, to judge by the cave paintings found in the Cueva de Doña Trinidad in the Hoyo del Conde area about a kilometre outside the town. Later on, the phoenicians built the castle, which was fortified by the Romans.

The town came under the domination of the Crown of Castille in 1484, when it was conquered by Ferdinand and Isabella, and a rebellion during the reign of Felipe II, on the part of the Moriscos, ended with the sale as prisoners of many of the rebels. The money raised by these means went to build the foundations of the Veracruz church. In the 17th century, Alora gained its independence as a municipality from the city of Malaga.

This region makes a natural corridor that crosses the province from Álora to Periana, separated by the Antequerana Mountain range from the Mountains of Malaga. These mountains pass by Álora to the west, leaving a landscape of hills, olive and almond groves and scrubland. One of the most charming features of Álora and neighbouring areas is the large quantity of small fruit and vegetable patches, covering the land in coloured blankets of green, with the typical farmhouses attached.

Objekte zu verkaufen in Andalusien

Eine gut reformierte Finch, versteckt im Naturpark
Eine gut reformierte Finch, versteckt im Naturpark.

Schlafz: 3
Wohnfl: 150 m²
Grund: 15,000 m²
Preis: 265.000 €
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Ein außergewöhnliches Dorfhaus mit Patio und Dachterrasse in Villanueva del Trabuco
Ein außergewöhnliches Dorfhaus mit Patio und Dachterrasse in Villanueva del Trabuco.

Schlafz: 4
Wohnfl: 150 m²
Grund: 0 m²
Preis: 115.000 €
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*** Hotel mit grossem Restaurant, Konferenzraum und Schwimmbad in der Sierra Nevada
*** Hotel mit grossem Restaurant, Konferenzraum und Schwimmbad in der Sierra Nevada.

Schlafz: 13
Wohnfl: 1,500 m²
Grund: 28,000 m²
Preis: 780.000 €
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